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For those of you interested in the fine art of buckaroo gear! The tradition of handcrafted gear lives on! Our gallery will feature selected artists gifted in leather tooling, rawhide & horse hair braiding and not to forget the hand engraved silver!

Catch a glimpse of handmade spurs, bits and complete headsets. How about all natural homespun wool saddle blankets? For your days ride out or your home collection, you will be proud to own fine art from these craftspeople. Items go quickly. Feel free to contact us at info@southwestroundup.com for more information or request a specific item.

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Rawhide Quirts

Hand Tooled Saddle

Mane Hair Hackamore

Mane Hair Tie Rope

Used Rawhide Riata

Mane Hair Cincha

Buckaroo Saddle

Hand Tooled Belts

Home Spun Saddle Blanket
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